Surface Depth Aperture

Surface, Depth & Aperature was a crash course in large format CNC milling and 3D printing. The final product was to be a 24”x24”x4” tile incorporating both processes. Pattern, light, connection, and fabrication were key issues to consider. The piece was to be 3D modeled in Rhino utilizing the Grasshopper plugin.

My partners and I were interested in using simple polygonal shapes that mutate across a surface. We were also interested in using a grid to register the transformation. I lead the development of the milled portion of the model utilizing Rhino and Grasshopper. I worked with my partners to assist in the 3D printed portions of the model and the concepts for the renderings.

Hypothetical Propositions


Yale School of Architecture

Fall 2014

Computation and Fabrication with

Professor John Eberhart

undertaken with Karl Karam, Eunil Cho