BRSO Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Munich, Germany

Music is a cinematographic experience, alive with vivid images of color, texture and contour pulsing through ones subconscious. It has the power to transport one to another world, a landscape of sonic art. The New Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra Hall aims to capture the experience of music through architecture in spaces and forms inspired by Bavaria’s own ‘natural’ landscape. The history of landscape in Bavaria, and specifically the project site, is marked by three periods; an agriculturally rich pastoral landscape during much of the 18th century, a transition to heavy industry and manufacturing plants during the 19th century, and the current landscape of consumer culture today.

The building is conceived as a landscape of volume and mass inspired by key elements from the Bavarian landscape. A concert hall and chamber orchestra embody the formal characteristics of the agricultural produce of the 18th century, the building’s massing replicates the proportions and scale of the adjacent monolithic industrial manufacturing structures, and the interior gardens, plazas and sculptural skin are reminiscent of topiary forms that can be found across the city and throughout Europe today. 

Concert Hall Model, 1/8"=1'-0', CNC Milled Basswood

Hall Process Models

Site, Building & Hall Drawings

Massing Study Models

Sequential Site Diagrams

Concert Hall Research

Initial Concept Studies



Yale School of Architecture

Spring 2016

Advanced Studio with

Professor Frank Gehry

Critic Trattie Davies