Arduino Screen

This project is an exploration into smart components utilizing the Arduino electronics platform to create prototypes for architectural installations. My partner, Jared Abraham, and I were inspired by the complex three-dimensional geometric patterns of interwoven continuous surfaces of designers such as Erwin Hauer and Iris van Herpen. 

We were drawn to the idea of window screens as a potential universal architectural application and wanted to challenge the normative notion that screens be both static and non-graphic. Our installation utilizes photo-sensors and a basic script to control an Arduino servo motor. We designed and built an armature to hold the components and control the amount of light admitted through the screen.

For the final installation, we used orange tarpaulin fabric and a tangent die machine to cut the perforations and incisions in the material. The installation was installed in a window in Rudolf Hall.

Prototype Installation

Prototype Installation

Yale School of Architecture

Fall 2014

Computation and Fabrication with

Professor John Eberhart

undertaken with Jared Abraham