19 Lines 

Inspired by the sinuous quality of bones, 19 Lines is a chair intended for dining and multipurpose seating in a residential or commercial setting. The design draws upon the work of Hans Wegner, Ruder Novak-Mikulic, and Peter Ejvinsson and is composed of nineteen lines which articulate the legs, seat, and back. The lines alternate between concave and convex profiles giving the piece a skeletal quality.

The prototype was designed through an iterative process using small scale study models, freehand sketching, and 3D computer modeling. Ergonomics and proportions are based on the 40/4 chair by David Roland allowing it to be comfortable for most body types. Made from solid American Ash, the chair is fabricated using primarily CNC (computer numerical control) flip-milling. Final steps in producing the chair consist of a manually sanded finish and a transparent polycrylic clear-coat. 





Yale School of Architecture

Spring 2015

The Chair with

Professor Timothy Newton